Our Concept

Crepe Delicious founder and chef Oded Yefet embarked on an international journey to search for the perfect addition to the vibrant North American quick service restaurant industry. His travels took him across the globe from Western Europe to Far East Asia, with stops through North Africa. When he was on the streets of Paris, he saw street vendors serving crepes, as an alternative to North America’s typical hotdog. He began thinking about how to combine the two: Canadians’ love of street food with the delights of a fresh crepe. He took this elegant yet simple concept, combined with over twenty years of hotel and restaurant experience and created Crepe Delicious.

Crepe Delicious is now Canada’s largest chain specializing in the creation of world-class sweet and savoury crepes and is a leader in the trend towards healthier eating.

The first Crepe Delicious opened in Vaughan Mills, north of Toronto, in 2004. Success was almost immediate, the concept was franchised the following year, when the location in Sherway Gardens opened in west Toronto. Today, we are proud of our 15 locations in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Illinois, and have aggressive franchise development plans.

Today, Crepe Delicious is Canada’s fastest growing mall-based creperie, offering sweet and savoury crepes as well as a selection of panini sandwiches, salads and premium beverages. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, Crepe Delicious is a healthy meal option.

We are passionate about fresh, nutritious and tasty food for people on-the-go. All of our crepes are made-to-order, in front of our valued customers, with only the finest and freshest ingredients. Our crepes are low in calories and fat (130 calories, 3.5 grams of fat) and can be filled with an assortment of fresh and colourful fruits and veggies, cheeses and lean meats to create a balanced meal.

Located in busy shopping centres, Crepe Delicious stores are generally found outside of the busy food court to provide a more relaxed environment, with tables and chairs to accommodate our customers. Our catering division provides catering to parties, social functions and corporate events. Future growth will include locations in premium shopping malls, street locations and prominent commercial buildings. Growth plans include development in Canada, USA and beyond.

Canada has warmly embraced Crepe Delicious. Crepes have traditional roots in almost every country and culture around the world (ie. The Mexican tortilla, Russia’s blini, the beloved blintz, etc), and we find that our multicultural consumer is familiar with the concept and very receptive to the crepe.

Our business philosophy is simple:

Serve Quality, Fresh Ingredients: Using only the finest, freshest ingredients to fill our signature crepes ensures maintenance of a high level of quality.
Offer Quick, Friendly Service: By employing well trained, quality personnel, in addition to the relative ease of operation, we offer fresh and healthy eating combined with quick and courteous service.
Deliver Competitive Value: Customer loyalty is enhanced by offering consistently fresh and tasty entrees and desserts at competitive prices.
Focus on Results: Through quality site selection, low building costs, and controls on food and labour costs, we enhance our collective prospects for financial success.

The newest concept in the Crepe Delicious family is Froshberg Gelato. Froshberg Gelato is a contemporary new gelato bar inspired by sensual flavours and the desire for fine quality. At Froshberg Gelato, all gelato creations are hand-crafted onsite daily, using the finest and freshest ingredients.

Seasonal flavours are inspired by locally grown produce and only the highest quality ingredients are used to create Froshberg Gelato. A lactose-free and sugar-free flavour option is always available and a selection of fine sorbets will impress at 0% fat content.

As a perfect complement to the specialty crepe business, Froshberg launched alongside Crepe Delicious in Fall 2010 in Brampton, ON. The opening in Coquitlam, BC followed soon after this opening with strong franchising growth planned for 2011. Froshberg…a luxurious gelato experience.

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