Why Crepe Delicious?

Crepes make people smile.

No one can resist the sweet smell of a crepe being made fresh on a warm griddle, or watching the crepe batter as it is spun over the griddle and heated to perfection.

Become a part of something special. Become a part of the Crepe Delicious family.

Everyone loves Crepes. Crepe Delicious is an upscale, healthy option to traditional fast food. People are surprised and delighted to come across a unique creperie in their local mall!

Healthy Eating Starts Here. Our signature crepe is only 130 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. Fill it with fresh fruits and veggies, cheese and lean meats and it is a healthy and well-balanced meal. All of our crepes are freshly prepared, and made-to-order in front of our valued customers. All fruits and veggies are cut fresh each morning. Our menu is simple and easy to prepare.

Proven Operating System. Established in 2004, Crepe Delicious now has a total of 15 locations in Ontario, BC, Alberta and Illinois, USA with aggressive growth plans for Canada, the US and beyond. We leverage our best practice from our highest performing locations to share key learnings and grow the overall bottom line. We have earned the valued respect of our customers, suppliers, partners and landlords.

Low Start Up Costs & No Expensive Exhaust System or Oven. We have sourced our construction and equipment costs well below market prices without sacrificing any quality. Since we use relatively low temperature griddles, expensive exhaust systems or ovens are not required.

Low Variable Costs. Due to the simplicity of the Crepe Delicious concept, both food and labour costs are minimal relative to industry averages.

Marketing. We consistently invest in our exposure to build our brand. With a recently updated website, new logo design and branding elements and updated promotional materials, we constantly strive to communicate a clean, contemporary and fresh image to our customers. Clean menu boards and digital signage, branded retail items, PR and social media campaigns and monthly crepe features, we are continuously communicating with our customers.

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